Letters from the Apocalypse - Part 1 [ ASMR Viewer-driven fan-fiction ]

Ephemeral Rift
Published 8 years ago

The first episode in a new ongoing ASMR series that is set in post-apocalyptic Rift World where my character finds and collects letters (written by viewers) while scavenging and searching for survivors and reads them to someone (the viewer) who is being cared for.

If you would like to take part, please send in a letter to the address below with the following rules in order to keep things fair. Hand-written letters are preferred unless you feel it won't be legible.

1. All letters should take about 5 minutes or so to read
2. Typed letters should be kept to one side of 1 page since it can fill up a page more than writing by hand
3. Hand written letters can be 2 sides, 3 maximum (unless you send in multiple pages and space your writing)

You can write about anything you like, the only limit is your imagination. Here is what we know:
1. We are on earth.
2. Apocalyptic event(s) of unknown origin occurred at some point in future Rift World (the earth-world where all my characters exist). Nuclear war? Zombie apocalypse? Virus outbreak? Alien invasion? Or something else…
3. There are rumors that what occurred is all in our heads.
4. Rumors say Professor Clemmons was part of an operation that opened “rifts” or “doors” that led to or caused the event, and aided with #2, #3 or both ;)
5. ???

Ideas for your letter:
1. You can be a survivor, raider, leader, escapee from an asylum, one of Professor’s patients, a vampire, child, parent, occultist, race from another planet, etc. etc. etc.
2. Your letter could be something personal written by your character such as a note to a loved one, please for help, government decree, etc.
3. Your letter could even be a top-secret document, government decree, warning, etc.
4. Your character can be from any universe, fact or fiction: from human on current earth to any type of creature or race from any fictional work or universe
5. The event that your character experienced can be anything: nuclear war, zombies, Aliens, virus, Daleks, Godzilla, Galactus, you-name-it, anything goes!
6. Your letter could even be written prior to the “event”. Perhaps you were making plans to go somewhere, see your family, plan an invasion, etc.

Thank you for watching and special thanks to those that submitted letters.


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