Channel Update / Viewer Mail (for "Letters from the Apocalypse") + Sneak Preview

Ephemeral Rift
Published 8 years ago

An update on the mail I've received from viewers for the Letters from the Apocalypse series followed by 2 special packages from two kind & generous viewers. There is a sneak preview at 01:32 for an upcoming project, and at the very end of the video there is mention of others due out next after this one.

SCP Foundation:

Links to ASMR Creators' channels mentioned in the video:

Whimsy Whispering:

Peaceful Mind ASMR:

Letters from the Apocalypse stuff:

The Video Playlist:

The instructions / tips & address for submissions to the Letters from the Apocalypse series:

1. Be creative and use your imagination: put yourself into a post-apocalyptic mindset and write or type a letter to a loved one, as a member of a secret organization, a personal diary, or something more!
2. Format: Typed letters should be kept to 1 side of one page, since it can contain more paragraphs and words than a handwritten letter. Handwritten letters can be 2 to 3 sides max (unless you send in multiple pages and space your writing). The idea is to be able to read the letter in about 5 minutes.
4. The actual letter should be completely fictitious and not contain your full real name. First names are okay though. This is mainly for your own privacy and security.
5. Age your paper first: dab it with a wet tea bag or soak it in coffee and tear and/or burn the edges to give it that aged look. Just Google "How to age paper" or search YouTube and you'll find instructions.

Mail your letters, telegraphs, postcards, etc. to:


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