Luxury Beach Cabana Role Play (Binaural ASMR, Reiki & Scalp Massage, Ocean Sounds)

Published 9 years ago

Hello, my friends and fellow Tingleheads! I hope you can fit some time in for a visit to the beach! Because in this latest role play, you are a VIP guest at my resort where relaxation and tingles are our first priority. Enjoy a tropical beverage made by our staff, as you receive a Reiki and Craniosacral massage inside your very own private beach cabana. So, sit back, relax, and take in the ocean atmosphere — your private beach paradise awaits you! :)

Video sections:
Sunscreen application:
Drink preparation:
Reiki massage:
CranioSacral massage:

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Common triggers included: personal attention, tapping, lens touching, water sounds

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