Binaural ASMR Up Close Whispering and Tingly Triggers

Juliet Says ASMR
Published 2 years ago

This ASMR video will 100% give you tingles! Lots of up close whispering ear to ear along with some relaxing and tingle inducing triggers!

0:00 - Ear to ear up close whispering/intro
0:52 - Squishy puff ball
3:39 - Vintage light bulb (super tingly sounds)
6:38 - Lint roller (sticky sounds + visual triggers)
9:15 - Face brushing + stipple (visual trigger)
12:55 - Glass mason jar filled with beads (tapping, stirring beads)
15:24 - Crinkle sounds
17:39 - Lip balm lid sounds
18:54 - Face touching with breathing sounds (visual trigger)
20:42 - Tapping on moisturizer bottle

Let me know in the comments what trigger was your favorite :)


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