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Published 7 years ago

***Please wear headphones***

I filmed this before my most recent few videos and since many of those were a bit more time sensitive (or I'd promised to publish them right away), this one got pushed to the back burner for a bit. I hope you all still enjoy it.

The Stuffed Animals/Toys in order for reference:
- Spock Munny (all mine and custom painted by a friend ^_~)
- Nightmare Moon (8.5 inch, light up, talking version, apparently she was a Toys R Us/Comicon exclusive?)
- Purple Dragon (by Russ)
- Grumpy Cat Plushie (unsure on the creator, bought at a local market)
- Man-Eating Artic Unicorns (creator's website:, but they don't appear to be listed any where)
- Llama (from an antique store, but I think you can find them online from Peru)
- Red Velvet Mite (the story:, plush made by Sushi You Can Hug:
- Grey felted kitty I made:
- Black and White kitty I made:

Please keep in mind that this was filmed with the on camera mic, but I am hoping to upgrade soon. If you'd like to help me get there faster I've listed my Patreon and PayPal info below.

Thank you so much for watching and I look forward to reading your comments! ^_^

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