ASMR Therapist ROLE-PLAY for Sleep, Anxiety & Stress

Published 2 years ago

Hey my gorgeous Sweeties! ❤️

How are ya'll doing today? Hopefully good! If you're not feeling your best then hopefully this video might cheer you up a little bit ❤️

In the video you'll be meeting your therapist, Doctor Sweetie. You've booked an appointment with her because lately you've been experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. This in turn has led to some difficulties sleeping. Since its your first time meeting a psychiatrist you're quite nervous. Although, you soon realize that there is nothing to be nervous about. Especially since Doctor Sweetie seems to have such a calm, soothing and relaxing voice!

So, what type of exercises and triggers are presented in this video? Well, first of all, the entire video is soft-spoken (yay!). Another quite relaxing trigger is all the personal attention you will be getting from the beginning until the end! All focus is on YOU and YOUR health! Furthermore, you'll also get some tingles from paper sounds & writing. The breathing exercise presented later in the video will also give you some shivers down your spine! And lastly, Doctor Sweetie will perform a "regular" ASMR-treatment on you including some of the most favorable triggers such as tapping, hand movements and brushing on the microphone. Ofc, there are many triggers I've forgot to mention so my suggestion is that you watch the entire video, from the beginning until the end. Enjoy the tingles! ❤️


Hence, take everything I say with a grain of salt. The advices and exercises in this video is something that works for me. Everyone is different and responds differently to different treatments. Also, as I said, I'm not a professional psychiatrist. Some of the information I mention in this video might be wrong so don't take everything I say as 100% true! This video is only ment to help you relax, and hopefully reduce your stress and anxiety levels. If you want professional help, then please seek help from an actual psychiatrist. There are many great psychiatrists where you live, I promise!!! ❤️


Please, remember that the ASMR-community is supposed to be safe and positive. In other words, treat EVERYONE here the same way you would like to be treated! Love ❤️

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