ASMR 17 questions, tapping, whispering (part 1)

Slim Whispers
Published 4 years ago

Some questions to be answered while whispering and making You relax, honey.

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Snapchat: geminisole

1.Where are you born?
2.What is your impression of Japan?
3.What’s been your worst relationship?
4.What’s your favorite eminem song (forgot the song Lol, but others things about eminem tho)
5.Will you do the rest of the makeup collection?
6.What is the most unusual thing about your body?
7.Are u still bisexual?
8.What do you want to do in the future job?
9.Do you think your going to have a children?
10.What countries do you want to visit?
11.In What country do you want to live in?
12.Do you watch your own asmr for relaxation?
13.Do you have different job other than asmrtist?
14.Favorite genre of music?
15.How old are you?
16.What makeup product you couldn’t live without?
17.If you could have any superpower, What would it be and Why?
....To Be Continued.....

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