"Manual:How to find things" produced by Swoon featuring Ephemeral Rift & Dave Bonta [not ASMR]

Ephemeral Rift
Published 7 years ago

[Not ASMR]. "Manual: How to find things" produced by Swoon for the poem "Manual: How to find things" by Dave Bonta
Clips from my videos as follows:
Metal ASMR: http://youtu.be/PCy4Yhqn3Ls
My 3rd Gift for You: http://youtu.be/HWkBrImjxOE
Eye Want to ASMR You: http://youtu.be/F4Lflg4v1LI
The Cleansing: http://youtu.be/Piuduo7Yxj0

Words & Voice: Dave Bonta http://vianegativa.us
Concept, Editing & Music: Swoon http://vimeo.com/52843746
Imagery: Ephemeral Rift http://www.youtube.com/user/EphemeralRift

This was the first video that the amazingly talented Swoon created using various footage from my ASMR videos.

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