Published 2 years ago

Yo, I'm back my friends. Today I thought it would be fun do make some sounds with my gaming set up, yeaaa. Enjoy the dirtiness of my keyboard and mouse. You damn right its me from my fuhn sessions ya feel me guys

Times stamps:

00:00 - 05:19 Jizz stained keyboard sounds
05:19 - 10:10 Amazing xbox controller sounds ay xdddd
10:10 - 13:18 Best click sounds eu from my dirty mouse
13:19 - End I play sims I am a real gamer gril, tapping on game case

Thanks for watching! Still tryna get a hold on a sexy 3dio so here are the link ho3ing i'm doing over here

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thanks to:
Ray P, Zachary, That same old G, Sergey, Cal, Ricardo botello, Jerious J, Niklas, Lachlan, HypnoPetri, Shargo, Pascal, Khorasso, valderbar, nick, angel, Je Hol

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