ASMR PAINTING A BIRD HOUSE (Tapping, Brush Strokes…) | GwenGwiz

Published 1 year ago

Decided to do a little bit of a different video for you guys today and do some painting. Hope you enjoy some of these sounds that are new for my channel, and hopefully you like the video as a whole and are excited for part two! Also, super sorry that there’s a lot of cuts in this. Every time I touch my desk it makes a pop on the audio recording (DUH lmao why did I not realize that??? I have since recorded part two with a different mic stand so this doesn’t happen — Live and learn!). Do also comment and let me know whether you’d be up for more videos like this (i.e. themed ones for Halloween and Christmas). Thanks for watching and love you lots! xx

Part 2: Not up yet, but I’ll add a link once it is :)

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