Win an ASMR Live Session with Olivia Kissper! Softly Spoken with Earrings Tingles

Olivia Kissper
Published 4 years ago

Win a free ASMR Live Session every month!
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Every month, I randomly chose one of my Patrons to give a Live ASMR session.
Each session lasts about 30 mins. Prior to the session I will message the receiver about their specific preferences or any challenges they're facing in life. We're going to schedule time that suits them and I will deliver a personalized super relaxing session.

In the session you can expect:
guided personalized relaxation, visualization, empowerment, hypnosis or meditation
some of your favorite asmr triggers
help with any challenges you're facing
help you to create something you desire deeply in your life
feeling calm, refreshed and peaceful
feeling inspired afterwords

How is the live session different to online videos?
They are very personalized so the effects are quite different! You know I'm unconditionally present with you, your desires or challenges you're might be facing. You will be asked to select your favorite triggers and I will do my best to find them or use a similar one. I promise to make you feel relaxed and refreshed as you haven't felt in a while! Together, we'll also break through what is in the way of feeling great in your personal life. Unfortunately, in the life recording, binaural sound is not yet available. However, I will record your session binaurally (only my screen) and send you the link to the unlisted Youtube video afterwords, so you can re-visit it anytime! I may also make the video public so others may benefit as well (your identity will not be disclosed).

What are others saying?
“I want you to know what a success the session was for me! I felt like a rock star on Friday, everywhere I went everyone I met showed me their version of love. It was so beautiful. I believe the Universe put things in motion when I answered your prelim questions especially the intention part, so the effects were active before the actual ceremony which to me is fascinating and encouraging. Afterwards my body was humming with the light and love energy that I mentioned on Skype. I have no scientific explanation, but the healing hands/ aura cleansing works every time for me, I feel peaceful and balanced after. So yes, you gifted me with a powerful healing and a effectively manifested intention.” (Dave)

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