Alice Madness Returns ASMR | Sand & Seashells for Relaxation and Sleep

Published 4 years ago

This is one of my favorite video games, Alice Madness Returns. In this game Alice travels to many lands, one is the beach where she wears this "Siren" dress. :)

I wanted to create something stylized and a VERY VISUAL ASMR as well as a vast sound assortment relating to the beach, and some Alice themed stuff. I used so many objects, and there are so many triggers-- it's random and hard to list. As this video progresses, it gets more calm, and I really hope you all find it relaxing and enjoyable!

Mainly features: sand sounds, scratching, tapping, soft spoken, jewelry/soft metal sounds, seashell sounds-- also some random stuff like slime, yes SLIME :) also scissors, plastic & tin foil sounds. I used the Zoom by itself for this.

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