ASMR with me! Seductive Massage and Hand Movements because I LOVE you! ❤️

Whispering V
Published 4 years ago

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In case anyone is wondering, YES this is a NEW video! I hope that you are able to enjoy this video! I LOoOOoooOoVE making videos for you all! It relaxes me, as well as you!

Thank you all for all of the support! I don't understand why ASMRotica videos get a lot of hate. What is more sensual than a woman show off her body? The purpose of it is to give you additional tingles, and make the overall experience more relaxing for you.

I have a special surprise giveaway tucked away for when I reach 50K subscribers, but I am going to keep it a surprise until then!

Let me know if you liked this video in the comments :) I'm always down to learn new tips and tricks that help me improve

Also, this is Youtube, so I've got to keep it 'G' Rated.


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*Disclaimer: This video is for ASMR purposes only* It is an artistic film meant to give the viewer tingles.

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