ASMR 3Dio Ear Massage, Cleaning, Cupping, Tapping for Sleep ♡ EAR to EAR Whisper

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Published 5 years ago

In this video I'm going to be massaging your ears with the 3Dio EAR to EAR with some whispers, ear cupping, ear tapping, ear cleaning and playing with my hair for sleep and relaxation. Time stamps below! :) 😘 SUBSCRIBE 😍 Patreon ➜

1:16 hair play! stroking your ears with my hair
2:47 ear cleaning with ear buds
6:50 ear massage & close up ear to ear whispers
10:39 gentle ear cupping
12:54 ear tapping for tingles
15:27 ear massage and stroking with gloves
22:42 ear cupping with gloves

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