[ASMR] The ULTIMATE Trigger Showdown

Creative Calm ASMR
Published 3 years ago

WHO WINS.... YOU DECIDE! Tonight in the ultimate trigger battle, we'll see 12 triggers go head to head in 6 rounds. Comment below who is your winner in each round!

Triggers in order:

Round 1 - Scrunchy hair bun vs Hair Brushing on material
Round 2 - Tin tapping vs Pillow tapping
Round 3 - Crinkly makeup wipes vs scratchy glitter shoes
Round 4 - Mic brushing vs jewellery sounds
Round 5 - Pen writing on paper vs Shaking spray bottle
Round 6 - iPhone screen tapping vs Slime

[Shout out to Father CC, who came up with this idea haha]

😴Tonight I’ll be falling asleep to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PerlRvhpQg

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