ASMR | Gum Chewing [Satisfying Wet Sounds]

Published 3 years ago

Hello my Stars and L'Shana Tova to those who celebrate!
Tonight's video is a gum chewing video with of course, some mouth sounds, finger flutters, face brushing, and positive affirmations.
I'm doing a Q&A soon, so make sure to comment some questions below!
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Thanks for watching! I hope this video gave you some tinglezzzzz

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*****WHAT IS ASMR, YOU ASK?*******
ASMR stands for autonomous, sensory, meridian, response. It is a therapeutic way to relax those suffering from insomnia, depression, anxiety, panic disorders, and many more.
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~ASMR is in no way meant for sexual purposes or pleasure, unless clearly stated~


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