ASMR Blue Yeti Scratch

ღJessy ASMRღ
Published 2 years ago

Hey Guys ~ In Today's Video is asmr blue yeti scratch using my new blue yeti pro microphone.

This video, along with all of my videos will help you relax and stay calm. You can use them for sleep induction as well. Listen to my videos each night before you go to bed to relax you and get you prepped for a great night sleep. I love helping people and having years of experience working with special needs clients. Remember, don't ever feel like you are alone. I want each and every single one of you to feel comfortable watching my videos and like I am there for your support.

Thanks for watching everyone, you guys are the best! If you're new be sure to Subscribe! Sweet dream, and good night! : )

- Jessica ASMR

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