ASMR fast & aggressive tapping on empties (plus other triggers!)

Miss Whispers ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Triggers: whispers (minimal), tapping, scratching, lid sounds

In this video I'll be tapping on some empties I've collected this month (inspired by Sonia Elsie ASMR's empties vids, which I looove).

Let me know in the comments if you prefer gentle triggers or more aggressive/fast triggers.

I hope this helps you relax and fall asleep. Sweet dreams 🌙

0:00 - 5:33 lush moisturizer pots
5:34 - 7:24 mic packaging
7:25 - 10:03 original source shower gel bottle
10:04 - 13:46 bamboo toothbrush packaging
13:47 - 16:00 bleach bottle
16:01 - 17:55 glass jar

I created this video with anxiety/insomnia relief in mind, but please remember: I am not a medical professional & this video can't replace any treatment prescribed by a doctor.


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