ASMR Soothing Skincare & Haircare Before You Sleep 🌿 Personal Attention with Gentle Layered Sounds

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Published 4 days ago

Making sure you go to bed with fresh skin & hair tonight. Get comfy as I pamper you with a full skincare & haircare routine! I'll start by double cleansing your face so you feel nice & clean, then nourish your skin with a gentle toner, soothing gua sha face massage & hydrating moisturiser. Next, I'll apply some eyelash serum & lip balm, before caring for your hair with some combing, hair oil & brushing. Rest well!

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00:00 Let me get you clean & cozy before bed
02:07 Clipping your hair back
03:42 Cleansing your face with a butter balm (oily layered sounds)
11:10 Wiping off the cleanser with cotton pads (soft layered sounds)
12:07 Double cleansing your face with a cream cleanser (foamy layered sounds)
15:55 Wiping off the cleanser with damp cotton pads (soft layered sounds)
18:23 Patting toner into your skin (watery layered sounds)
19:56 Massaging facial oil into your skin (oily layered sounds)
23:41 Facial gua sha (oily layered sounds, counting)
29:37 Moisturising your face (lotion layered sounds)
32:50 Applying eyelash serum to your lashes (lash brushing layered sounds)
35:01 Applying lip balm (gel layered sounds)
37:32 Combing the ends of your hair
40:01 Applying hair oil
42:48 Brushing your hair with a wooden brush

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