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Published 3 years ago

Winner gets $189 off plus FREE SIZING and FREE SHIPPING!
Giveaway ends the 20th of September 2018
$25 Coupon Code: "mapleasmr" -- valid only during course of giveaway!

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01:46 WoodWatchGiveaway
03:56 Brown Skirt (S)
04:51 Black Dress (M)
05:20 Green Skirt (S)
05:53 Lilac Skirt (S)
06:23 White crop top (S)
06:58 Red crop top (M)
07:24 Yellow CropTop (M)
07:49 White Stripped Shirt
08:20 Yellow HONEY Shirt (S)
09:02 Grey Long Sleeve (M)
09:47 Brown Long Sleeve
10:55 SUNDAY Shirt
11:26 Pink Earrings
11:44 Marble Earrings
12:20 Navy-Cream earrings
12:51 3 bonbon Earrings
13:07 Small gold Earrings
13:22 Big Gold Earrings
13:56 Blue earrings
14:04 Red Earrings
14:25 Star Necklace
14:37 Multicolor stropped long sleeve (S)
15:12 Grey color stripped
15:34 Pastel stripped sweater
16:03 Beige Sweater
16:23 Black Sweater
16:58 Fluffy Purple Sweater
17:32 Yellow Sweater
18:03 Pink Sweater
18:26 Bunny Slippers
19:03 Bag

I am 5'9", 175cm

This video is sponsored by Jord. Not commissioned work. Items were gifted by the brands mentionned.


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