Tuning Fork ASMR (22 tuning forks, high to super low frequencies)

Sirimiri ASMR
Published 3 months ago

OK so strictly speaking one isn't a tuning fork as you'll see from the thumbnail picture, but it sounds fantastic so it has been given the honorary title for the evening...

I'm not a huge fan of high frequency tuning forks as I'm pretty sensitive to sound but I've been asked for them a few times so we move from the high to the extremely low. And I adore the extremely low so the journey there is very pleasant. Full disclosure, for the two lowest I had to re-record the sounds afterwards and add them back in as the ring didn't last long enough but rest assured, what you hear are their actual, wonderful sounds. From little forks to large forks and everything in between. Enjoy!

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00:00 Welcome!
01:15 The smallest fork
02:17 Higher frequency forks
07:37 Interloper
08:52 Lower frequency forks
20:29 Super low frequency forks
25:07 Highest and lowest


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