Jennemotion ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hi friends, finally I have a new video for you :)). I hope you can enjoy this asmr head and shoulder massage video. It's soft spoken as I often do, but also whispering parts.

First I free your airways with an intense mint aroma stick and then I show you a tiny Buddha to create a menthal goal, that you want to reach: Beeing deeply relaxed like a calm Buddha, hehe :).

Then you get a shoulder massage with a wooden massage tool and afterwards also with my hands. Of course we don't forget your head! So you get a lot of slight touching on your head with my soft cotton gloves.

Of course you get again a lot of closeup whispering for more tingles.

I hope this asmr head and shoulder massage is relaxing for you, with all it's slight sounds and my voice and the visual triggers of my movements. Leave your comments! Thank you


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