ASMR Stuffie & Pillow Sounds & Gentle Whispers | Rilakkuma | Bunny | Fox | Dragon

Published 4 years ago

I have written down some suggestions from you guys and I'm planning a medical role play first, then I will do a match lighting one :)

Snuggle with me! I just watched Game of Thrones and I'm very tired. Spend my sleepy time with me exploring the sounds of my favorite stuffies :) I end it with a lovely pillow sweeping portion. Sweet dreams!


0:44:04 --BUNNY soft fur sounds, bead squishing, sweeping ears over you

6:34:56 -- RILAKKUMA bead sounds, fabric rubbing, tapping, more babbling and whispering here

14:01:39 -- MINI DRAGON sticky, tacky sounds of shiny fabric, scratching felt, more mini beads and whispering)

19:57:58 -- FOX PILLOW gentle pillow sweeping and whispering


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