Repeating trigger words | Caro ASMR

Caro Asmr
Published 5 years ago

Today i was making a repeating trigger words😱I hope it was okay, please comment What you Think og the video☺️ It was so fun and i hope you Got the tingles😂
Hope you enjoyed the video!😆

Want a custom video?🤔
If you want a custom video, Then just comment Down below Your name and Your favorite triggers😊 And If Your lucky, you Get picked👌🏻 And the best part.. right now Its FREE!😱

Facts about me:
Name: Caroline💕
Age: 12🌟
Grade: 8.C😊
Hobbys: Theater, tennis and youtube🌈

Facts about the video:
Camera: IPhone 6💫
Microphone: Blue yeti😍

Subscribers: 21

I hope i see you in my next video bye!♥️

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