ASMR 3DIO ear massage with tingly tube mouth sounds and “in your brain” (ear cupping, tapping)

Published 1 week ago

ASMR 3DIO ear massage with tingly tube mouth sounds and “in your brain” (ear cupping, tapping, scratching) (asmr wet mouth sounds) 💖 I hope you enjoyed this video; i enjoyed filming it. I am always improving while being open to change so more and better to come 🥳 As always, sorry for any background noise. I try my best to conceal and cut but some things are unavoidable. My apologies for my eyes. I am sick and have not be able to sleep in a couple days so I am tired:( ALSO, it is my first time doing these triggers! I put the 3DIO on a bunch of books LOL so my apologies if it looks shaky. I will have to purchase a mic stand. Let me know your thoughts and how I could improve these triggers! I want to give you the best ear massage and attention EVER 😘

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0:00 hello/merhaba/salut/hola (disclaimer)
0:47 ear massage (cupping, tapping, scratching)
8:15 ear massage with microfibre cloth
11:41 ear brushing
13:10 tingle tube mouth sounds
15:15 tapping and scratching vaseline
15:22 jelly massage
16:26 bye/hoşçakal/au revoir/adios
#asmr #satisfying


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