Glove Sounds, The Sequel - ASMR

Cori Cat
Published 3 years ago

Pray for my skin ya'll. A week after my facial peel and my skin broke out like a mofo.

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I think the audio actually turned out pretty good in this video :D
I bought a journal and wrote two pages of video ideas so hopefully i'll get better at planning my videos now lol. I wanted to do a dentist roleplay but just didn't have the time, so i'm gonna try and actually write somewhat of a script for next weeks video. Wish me luck!
This video is briefly featuring my cat Ace who was digging in her kitty litter. My laptop has retired from the ASMR community and has just been into editing, so no humming from her anymore.
I hope you all enjoyed this weeks installment, and I hope you all have a good morning, good evening, and goodnight :)


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