ASMR Super Up Close Tingly Triggers (lipstick application/personal attention/tongue clicking/kisses)

Slight Sounds ASMR
Published 6 months ago

Hello my Sound Soulmates!

It's me again...UP CLOSE LOFI OBSESSED SLIGHT. In this #ASMR video, we are doing lots of spontaneous up close triggers.

Triggers include: up close whispers, kisses, hand movements, personal attention, tongue clicking, mouth sounds, repetition, lip product application and more!

Hope this makes you feel cared for and loved! That's always my intention.

Thanks to..
Nick C, Will A, Russo J, MrAtalon, Israel Scott G, Billie C, Jon, James O'Brien, Finny, melancholyspectator, Jess A, Joel N, Teagan C, Ryan D, Chris L, BruteBrawler, Sparrow, Angelo F and Ezio Brucato for your support on Patreon!

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