ASMR Men's Shave and a Haircut (mouth noises)

Published 2 years ago

First off, sorry it took me so long to do this request (shave with mouth noises). I was nervous about doing it, one because since I'm not a man (obviously XD), I have no experience whatsoever with a man's shave. Second, it's a differently unique type of video, and also recording mouth noise videos tends to embarrass me, regardless of how popular they are, so it's hard to make them with my anxiety. :(
Finally did it though, a bonus that my sound and visual quality are much better now! :)

Just so you know, when you make requests I have a little book I write down all my requests and ideas in, so don't ever think you've been forgotten. Unless I explicitly say I don't want to do a specific request, it's in the book (and even some of those I still put in there in case I change my mind), it just might take me a while to do it, depending on how confident I feel about it, what types of props I might need, how busy I am at work, and etc..
Sorry if it takes me a while to do certain ones, I just don't want anyone to think they've ever been forgotten. I always try to do each one in the best way I possibly can. :)

4:05 - Paper Sounds (choosing a beard style)
6:45 - Fabric Sounds (covering you with a hair guard)
7:45 - Comb Sounds (nail on comb, zipping)
8:20 - Combing Beard
9:30 - Shaving Cream (mouth sounds)
11:35 - Shaving (mouth sounds)
15:33 - Aftershave (mouth sounds)
16:35 - Shaving Cream and Shaving, back of neck (mouth sounds)
19:35 - Water Shaking, Water Spritzing
21:10 - Combing Hair
22:39 - Hair Cutting (mouth sounds)
27:33 - Fabric Sounds (taking guard off)
28:11 - Combing Hair

My instagram link is Or, @asmrcare.

If you would like to donate to help me upgrade my equipment and acquire props, my paypal is Thanks in advance. :)


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