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Published 2 years ago

Welcome to my first live stream! I've never done this before and am really excited to hang out with you guys while I get ready.

I apologise for the giant black frame on this stream - this was my first time streaming and I had no idea how to fix it while live. It's now fixed for the next stream, though! :)

Triggers: whispers, whispered, makeup application, brushing, mic brushing, skin sounds, rummaging, ramble, mouth sounds, breathing

Big love to my 8,141 subs! 😍

// Online Therapy/Counselling //

I know many of you (like me) struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health concerns. While ASMR is a massive support, sometimes it can really help to have someone objective to talk to. If you'd like to try therapy, consider BetterHelp - an online counselling service that you can use from home to video/chat with a therapist! They're really nice people and are providing an awesome service.

Here's a sign-up link:

FTC: By using my BetterHelp referral link you are supporting this channel. I receive a commission if you become a paid customer, but I only promote products I truly believe in.

If you are feeling suicidal, please contact a hotline immediately:

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//What is ASMR?//

This video is made for relaxation purposes and can help with sleep, low mood, and to stimulate pleasant ‘tingles’ common in those who experience ASMR.
If you've stumbled on my video by accident and are wondering what the heck is going on, check out the Wikipedia page explaining ASMR:

If you read this far, tell me your favourite ice cream flavour.


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