9D ASMR|Chocolate & Marshmallow Scratching, Tapping & Crinkles [Collab Feat. lük]

JayLynn ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Hello, and welcome to my channel! I'm posting an extra video this week!

This is my third collab with lük (previously 8D ASMR), and lük has once again turned my videos into masterpieces. He combined my two videos (ASMR with Chocolate, and ASMR with Marshmallows), using 9D technology, and created wonderful, tingly, layered sounds. I hope you LOVE this as much I did!

Please check out lük's channel here. His work is phenomenal:


Original videos:



Why do I make ASMR?

ASMR has helped me through many difficult times, including stress, inability to fall asleep, anxiety, panic, and depression. I know I cannot cure these for you, but my hope is that I can at the very least help you relax and make your day a little better.

The main purpose of this channel is to relax you, and create a calming environment. Our lives can get extremely busy and stressful, and it's so important to wind down :) Relax, and happy drifting, everyone!

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