ASMR Bliss

Published 6 years ago

Hell0!! I call this vide0 ASMR Bliss simply because i felt s0 blissful while making it! I´m s0 s0rry that the vide0 suddenly st0ps.....i hadn´t finished yet but M0vie Maker had a pr0blem and hence the abrupt end....what a shame! And I d0n´t kn0w why the vide0 g0es all weird at 16:32....... The tw0 w0nderful and quite unique ASMR Artists I menti0ned are: MissMindBuzz & L0relei S0ftly. And the name 0f the film that I c0uldn´t remember is called Amelie! Enj0y!


beautiful blissful angel

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