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Ocean Heart
Published 4 years ago

Hello precious heart,

Our session begins by teaching you a technique to calm your Triple Warmer meridian, a channel or energy pathway responsible for the Flight or Fight response. This is important to soothe before receiving Reiki and Sound healing so our energies are working for us rather than against us. Because Triple Warmer is rarely soothed it remains active at times that is not necessary and really drains us of our energy--even if doing activities we enjoy. My intention is to balance and clear all energy networks so more light can be received and you naturally feel more joyous and whole! There is no force necessary, just an alignment with your energy, and your mind will soon follow as a result of regularly practicing these simple techniques!

Also, the singing pyramid might be a bit loud for some of you as I had the bottom of the pyramid hang over the Blue Yeti mic as if you are being immersed within it's tones. Please lower the volume here if you need to!

Special thanks to Donna Eden and her amazing book Energy Medicine. I am learning so much and would recommend you check out her resources online for more information!

I love you so much,


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I am a certified Reiki Level II practitioner and intuitive energy healer who truly believes in the natural health benefits of ASMR, the unconditionally loving bond it facilitates through connecting to one another, as well as the development of future ASMR communication technology to support sensitive children and autistic individuals. I appreciate any and all support offered at this time.


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