[ASMR] Men’s Shave and Haircut Roleplay 💈 Barber Shop 💈Soft Spoken

ASMR Jonie
Published 9 months ago

Hello lovelies! Welcome to a new ASMR roleplay for your relaxation, today we pamper men with a relaxing Shave and Haircut with a lot of triggers for tingles and sleep, that I hope you will enjoy.

►Triggers you will find:
►Intro: 0:10
►Beard Styles Explanation: 4:00
►Face Analysis: 10:08
►Beard Box: 19:03
►Beard Trimming: 22:23
►Shaving Cream Prep: 29:44
►Neck Beard Shaving: 34:34
►Beard Measuring: 38:24
►Mustache Shaving: 41:44
►Beard Massage: 48:30
►Haircut: 57:00
►Shampoo: 1:03:00

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💡 What is ASMR? Autonomous sensory meridian response is an experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation. Just wear your headphones and listen, it will help you fall asleep and relax.

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