The "5-in-1" ASMR Extended Videos (please read below)

Published 2 years ago

This is over 1 hr. of the extended versions of the previously released titles:
ASMR - Moisturizing Sounds (starts at 00:00)
ASMR - More Stocking Sounds (starts at 10:31)
ASMR - Just A Pinch! (starts at 28:51)
ASMR - Kissing Me (starts at 35:53)
ASMR - Ultra Slow Hand Expressions (starts at 46:17)
...for you to de-stress and decompress while getting lots of tingles. This is sensual ASMR with no nudity. Choosing to watch contributes to our channel allowing us to create more FREE ASMR videos for you. Thank you for your support!

PS - Please click the blue box in the middle/left of the screen to purchase. Thank you again!

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