ASMR whispering + tapping on PC gear and PS3 controller

Catplant ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Hey so I decided to edit my video a little with transitions and such, but i'm still learning the program. ALSO the lighting was really difficult with me, but hopefully next time it's more forgiving, nonetheless this was a fun video to make :)

also: I do intent on making a PS1 pt. 3, however I wanted to first give a shoutout to my lovely PC gear that keeps me going, because without these items i'd be 10x sadder. Shoutout PC gear you're the best *cheers*

ps ps shoutout to my PC gamers!

1:20 mousebox tapping
2:30 deathhadder mouse clicking
4:30 g933 artemis headset box tapping
6:15 black chroma keyboard box tapping
7:45 mechanical keyboard clicking
10:25 ps3 controller

Oh and my twitch account is:

Feel free to subscribe or follow! Thanks for watching! xoxo


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