~*Unboxing Fallout BoS Figure & Julep makeup box, studded leather bag scratching*~

ShleeOfTranquility ASMR
Published 7 years ago

Hey everyone! This latest edition is, well, just OK (meh). I apologize for some hastily-made edits and off-topic rambling! One other thing I am trying to work on is my whisper tone - when i get excited I can whisper too quickly and too harshly. I am so sorry!! I will do my best to work on this and get better :)

In this video I will be unboxing a FunkoPOP Fallout Brotherhood of Steel figure (FALLOUT 4!!!! :D), as well as a Julep Maven makeup subscription box. Lastly, I will be scratching a plush new studded leather bag for some delicious sounds! *drool*

This was put together on a whim as I work to go through some requests and upcoming projects. I hope you enjoy it and that it brings you relaxation and peace. Happy summer all! :D


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