ASMR tapping & scratching window + read description

Published 4 years ago

a couple of things,

first, i apologize for how inconsistent this channel has been. obviously i have my own things going on besides youtube, i am extremely humbled to have you all, but never did i expect to gain this much of an audience. i know some of you are upset with how little i’ve uploaded which i one hundred percent understand. but all i ask is for kindness in the comments and please take into consideration that youtube is not my first priority. for those of you sticking with me, thank you. i am so blessed to call most of you family.

lastly, i’ve gotten several comments that someone is re-uploading my videos pretending to be me. this is not only illegal but completely unfair and disgusting to see. THIS IS MY ONLY CHANNEL. if you see uploads of mine not on this specific channel, i ask of you to block & report them. thank you.

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