5 hours long - All Your Favourite Requested ASMR Triggers 20K Special

ASMR Alysaa
Published 4 years ago

Hi all you Delicious viewers! Happy 2018! Happy 20k+ to the Channel and Happy 2 Years Channel Anniversary! =) I hope you will all enjoy and find parts of this video that you enjoy and get tingles from! I worked soooo long and hard to put this video together so i really hope you will enjoy it!
A hug THANK YOU to a few special viewers who helped me with the time stamps and finding missing pieces! So that I can Upload and Share this Video today on New Years day!

Thank you to:
Tyler Peterson
Rachel Larsen
Ali Bcgc {Alyson}
Caroline Piskurich
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My 10k 3+ Hour Special of Triggers:

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20K+ Special ASMR Video Time Stamps:

Intro & Thank you: 0:00-1:56
Fast Hand Movements: 1:57-6:27
Palm Tracing: 6:33-11:00
Air Tracing: 11:10-20:04
Mouth Sounds with Visual Triggers:
Tongue Clicking: 20:56-22:55
Gentle Tongue Clicking: 23:00-24:52
Nom Nom Eating Sounds: 25:00-28:40
Shoo, Chew, Pew Sounds: 28:44-32:18
Finger Fluttering: 32:28-36:44
Hand Sounds: 36:45-40:21
Items in your face, brushing, poking/ Scraping the camera with items:
Sparkle Leaf: 40:55-42:31
Potato Masher: 42:35-43:57
Plastic Fork: 44:00-46:19
Plastic Green Leaf: 46:24-48:02
Plastic Comb: 48:06-49:41
Small Paint Brush: 49:42-52:23
Wooden Sticks: 52:28-53:30
Makeup Brush: 53:36-56:09
Paper: 56:13-58:11
Measuring Tape: 58:31-1:00:04
Poking You with Pencil Crayons/ Tapping Around the Camera: 1:00:09-1:02:57
Follow the Light with Hand Movements: 1:03:00-1:16:49
Tracing My Face: 1:17:12-1:19:24
Tracing My Face with a Leaf with Mouth Sounds: 1:19:26-1:21:20
Hands in Your Face/ Boom Boom/ Bursts and Bursts: 1:21:27-1:23:47
Items Getting Bigger and Smaller / Closer and Further “Changing Sizes”: 1:23:58-1:28:49
Stretching Hands Over Items: 1:28:50-1:32:03
UnOrdinary Taping the Walls with Mouth Sounds: 1:32:13-1:34:43
Brushing the Camera with Whoosh Sounds: 1:35:07-1:37:37
Follow the light (again): 1:37:38-1:41:12
Inspirational Quotes/ Positive Affirmations Repeating Phrases/ Words: 1:42:55-1:51:51
Trigger Words/ Repeating Words: 1:52:00-1:55:40
Trigger Words/ Repeating Words Fading into Mouth Sounds: 1:56:33-1:59:23
Talking Really Fast Whisper: 1:59:29-2:00:20
Repeated Counting with Finger Tracing: 2:00:51-2:05:30
Cat Noises/ Meow: 2:05:35-2:07:45
Unintelligible Whisper: 2:07:46-2:12:54
Unintelligible Whisper with Shaking Sounds: 2:12:55-2:18:22
Tracing Words/ Images on Boxes with Gentle Tapping/ Scratching: 2:18:23-2:27:36
Pampering/ Rubbing/ Massaging Stuffies/ Stuffed Animals with Mouth Sounds: 2:27:37-2:36:00
Reading 2 Childrens books / Tracing Images: 2:36:01-2:46:45
Sequin Pillow Case: 2:46:46-2:51:39
Matches/ Lighters: 2:51:53-2:56:10
Jewelry / Bracelet Jingles/ Tapping/ Stretching: 2:56:23-3:03:40
Makeup Triggers / Tapping / Aggressive Uncapping/ Lipstick: 3:03:50-3:16:05
Camera Tapping: 3:16:06-3:24:08
Nail on Nail Tapping: 3:24:10-3:35:52
Spanglish with finger flutters: 3:35:53-3:42:40
Spanish Counting: 3:42:41-3:46:26
Spanish Trigger words: 3:46:28-3:52:33
Spanish Poetry mixed with mouth sounds Whisper & soft spoken: 3:52:34-4:07:03
Tapping on Things & Word Repetition: 4:07:04- 4:12:26
Tapping on Empty Boxes with only Fingernails: 4:12:30-4:16:42
Nail on Nail Tapping and Repeating “Tip tap”: 4:16:43-4:19:17
Scissor Sounds with Visuals: 4:19:18-4:23:14
Sketching Sounds/ Drawing You/ Pen/ Sharpie: 4:23:17-4:28:46
Scratching Different items: 4:28:55-4:35:15
Pink Ribbon:
Cloth Covered Owl Hot Water Bottle:
Red Jeans:
Intense/ Aggressive Lipstick and Mascara Pumping: 4:35:16-4:39:34
Tapping While Making the Mouth Sounds to Match:4:39:43-4:45:04
Outro: 4:45:04- end

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