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Published 1 month ago

You are Becky today and Linda has noticed your hair is a bit dry... and that's not representing wellness. If you're going to be friends with Linda and be seen with her in public, you have to represent the wellness lifestyle.

I went with your requests off my community post. I will try to have Linda take Jacob to the doctor eventually, but I have to get my kiddo to agree to making a video with me and right now I'm working on getting him to agree to play Aiden. I gotta pick my battles. XD

Btw, if you're reading this, please consider contributing toward Move Black Lives - If you can't donate, that's okay. Retweet people's voices on twitter. Spread awareness. Watch BLM videos and let the ads play - a lot of channels are donating their ad revenue. We need to show that Black Lives Matter for 'all lives matter' to be true.

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