(for guys/para panas) ASMR praying for you & affirmations ♡/orando por usted y afirmaciones ♡

Sylver Silph ASMR - chill out
Published 3 years ago

so I pray for you. all the time. every day if I remember. here are my prayers for you and my wishes for you ♡ Así que rezo por ti. todo el tiempo. Todos los días si recuerdo. Aquí están mis oraciones por ti y mis deseos para ti ♡

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❤️ I believe in ASMR. I want to live in a world where ASMR is a globally recognized tool to overcome insomnia, depression, anxiety and loneliness, just to name a few. Here's what I know for sure: doing ASMR professionally is my calling. A kiss, a touch, some basic human warmth and kindness can touch a heart profoundly.


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