[ASMR] An "Elusive" Bookstore Roleplay (soft speaking, page-flipping, tapping and more!)

Published 3 years ago

Hey, hello, hi!
So, this is my first ASMR roleplay finally done...
Meet Em, the seller in the newly opened 24/7 Elusive Bookstore. She has a great passion for books, but far from an understanding of when her babbling is boring potential costumers.

After quite a few books, way too much Harry Potter and a few rants about expressions and the joy of reading, hopefully you will have fallen asleep. If not, then you must be as much of a bibliophile as she is, which is an achievement in itself.

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My name is Emma, a 19-year-old creator from the north of Sweden.
This channel primarily focus on ASMR, or "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response", a reaction one can have to certain sounds and relaxation. For more information I recommend looking it up on Wikipedia, or just watch and see for yourself! If you are already interested in the topic at hand, I strive to make all sorts of ASMR videos, but perhaps with a bit more focus on the nerdy side of things and just being me (an obessive WoW player and DnD enthusiast). Don't be an elusive watcher - join our little community today!


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