Let's Play: Monument Valley for Relaxation Pt. 1 - ASMR - Soft Spoken, Whispering, Relaxing Sounds

Published 8 years ago

Hello, good friends and fellow Tingleheads :) Today, I'm stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying something new with a Let's Play video for relaxation. The game is Monument Valley and this is part 1 of a 2 part video. From the first time I played it I thought it was so wonderfully conducive to ASMR. The game uses calming sounds, music, and a visual aesthetic that is equally beautiful, fun, and relaxing. I have been kind of up in the air about doing an ASMR Let's Play video, but this is the game that finally convinced me to do it. I hope you enjoy it and find it as enthralling as I have. **Also, I realized not too far into the game that the volume level on the in-game sounds were a tad high, so I lower them at the 12:29 point, so feel free to jump ahead if they bother you. That won't be an issue in part 2 of this video.** Enjoy! :) Here is a link to part 2 of 2: http://goo.gl/XnI4oG

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If you want to play along with me, Monument Valley is available for download for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire at the following locations:

For Android: http://goo.gl/DZtE60

For iOS: http://goo.gl/i1ZBWl

Amazon Kindle Fire: http://goo.gl/UzUXKe

Monument Valley in-game footage used with permission of ustwo studio Ltd.

Common triggers included: soft speaking, whispering

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