ASMR Let's Play: Monument Valley - Forgotten Shores for Relaxation (Binaural, Soft-Spoken, Whisper)

Published 7 years ago

Happy Holidays, friends and fellow Tingleheads! I'm sorry I have been away for a bit; I got a terrible cold that lasted nearly two weeks, so it put everything on pause for a while (you can still hear my hoarse voice in this video!). A while back, I did a Let's Play of the mobile game Monument Valley because it was such a perfect game for relaxation and tingles! UsTwo, the company behind the game, has recently released EIGHT new levels for the game, so I had to give them a try, but not before sharing with you my awesome Huawei smartphone! Happy tingles. :)

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Skip straight to Monument Valley gameplay: 16:43

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Common triggers included: Ear to ear, whispering, soft speaking

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