Raw Tingles: All Up In Your Ears (Ear Massage, Ear Cupping, Pom Pom, Wood Spheres) - Binaural ASMR

Published 7 years ago

Hi, friends and fellow Tingleheads, I hope you're doing well! :) In this latest Raw Tingles, I'll be getting all up in your ears! :D I'll be performing a mixture of ear massaging, ear covering, and ear cupping techniques. I'll also be doing ear to ear whispering and some ear brushing with a fluffy Pom Pom ball, as well as including some soft tapping sounds with some small wooden spheres. So, sit back, relax, and prepare your ears for this latest Raw Tingles. Enjoy! :)

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Common triggers included: soft speaking / spoken, whispering, tapping, ear brushing, crinkling, ear covering

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