ASMR - My DRAWINGS 💣 Scratching, stroking & tapping + Soft spoken 🔥 GIVEAWAY !!!

ASMR Darya
Published 1 year ago

To see and buy My Drawings you can here:
GIVEAWAY RULES 33:39 - Make a post on Instagram where you share my Instagram Profile, @darya_lozhkina_asmr , and tell your friends about my ASMR DARYA YouTube channel. Please explain why you like to watch my videos and perhaps recommend one of your favorites to them. Use hashtag #asmrdaryalove and write "I
did " under the post on Instagram post about giveaway❤️. The GIVEAWAY will end 18 May 2018.
You can find me:
→ INSTAGRAM (I use it the most)
→ FACEBOOK page!

→ Subscribe to my RUSSIAN ASMR channel :
→ группа ВКОНТАКТЕ

If you want to support:
▲ PayPal
▲ ЯНДЕКС-кошелек 410013706265513

[email protected] for commercials


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