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Angelique ASMR
Published 4 years ago

Hi :) Amazing awesome human being! Let me LOVE YOU! I want to help you feel good and get some sleepy sleep! Ive missed you dearly. I haven't uploaded in over a week ( about a week agoooo) 😜 lol as I'm sick with the flu atm. I hope this video will still relax you! I wasn't going to upload but I know you need sleep :)
Im trying to decide whether to do a part 2 of seductin Italian girl or play with me as a few have requested a part 2 . Please let me know which one you would love a part 2 of! If you havent guessed im dressed as cher from clueless lol yes im stuck in the 90s!
Kick back and enjoy!
Love you!
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P.S Please check out my friends Channel his amazing! He does the BEST! contact lens reviews ♥


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