Last video until I return from my break from you tube - Asmr Doll Spa (make up/ face brushing etc)

MinxLaura123 ASMR
Published 4 years ago

#asmr doll spa - pampering 4 lovely dolls.. make up.. hair brushing face massage .. face brushing.. cute tingles! XX

Hi lovely viewers! So this is the last video I am uploading until I return from my break from you tube. I wont be gone too long I promise, I love my viewers and love my channel too much!! But yeah I need this time out and when I return I be more refreshed to give you some more tingles tingles tingles! :) Thanks for all your lovely supportive messages /comments :) LOVEEEE YOUUU ALL! XX
I will still be replying to all my comments when I am away :) and I will still be on Instagram - minxlaura123 and smule singing app - minxlaura123
if you want a FREE signed pic - email me [email protected]
twitter - @minxlaura123
facebook (I am taking a break from FB too for a while but will return)

ooo while I am taking a break I will be working on my new project a Dolls Soap Opera!! Wanted to do it for AGES but never got time until now :) Yay! Yep its called Plastic Fantastic! It will be on you tube (separate channel) instagram/twitter. It will have romance drama friendship nice characters nasty characters affairs and deal with real life issues the stars are DOLLS! I am mega excited! More info and details when I return ! so its a kinda work in progress at moment!! :)

Please subscribe to my channel. Take care all of you ! See you all soooooooooon !!! XXX


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