ASMR Fluffy Mic Triggers | Brushing, Massage, Touching, Blowing

Published 4 years ago

I put some fluffy windscreens on my mics and made some relaxing sounds with them. Also, everybody say "hello" to Mr Zit!
0:00 samples
0:31 combing fluffy windscreens
3:43 brushing (hair brush) fluffy windscreens
5:01 touching fluffy windscreens with hands
5:28 cutting fluffy windscreens with scissors
8:06 brushing (makeup brush) fluffy windscreens
11:27 brushing (silicone brush) fluffy windscreens
15:01 blowing at fluffy windscreens
16:04 massaging fluffy windscreens (my faveeee, what’s yours?)
18:45 brushing (rubber brush) fluffy windscreens
20:37 massaging fluffy windscreens again
22:26 massaging and brushing fluffy windscreens at the same time

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