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Published 4 years ago

Hello my funny dumplings :3 I AM BACK HERE FOR YOU!!! I'm so sorry for being so MIA you guys... from dealing with sickness to a roommate change to a sudden business with work to a completely messed up sleep schedule to not having this gosh freaking darned channel monetized so i started finding it hard to keep up with this channel's production quality... small things like green screen, wires, software, sd cards, batteries, mics (altho i got my zoom and 3dio gifted to me thank you so much again), mic stands, lighting, etc and the time it takes to create and produce a video all add up wahhh. My parents actually ended up helping me fund a little set up at their house so I'll be visiting there more often to create videos. It's so quiet there... only problem is that it's an hour+ away form my current apartment in LA. Basically, my asmr life is still being figured out right now LOL. Oh I also spent the entire weekend trying to make my 3dio work... but still couldn't. ALSO ALSO, I'm sorry I've been less rambly and communicative with you guys in the recent videos! I got acrylic nails and they made it i m p o s s i b l e to type with. I got them redone to be a natural, flat length and holy typing feels so good again..

I hope you like this video! I was lowkey delirious while making this video... I ran around all day getting wires and what not to make my 3dio to work and ended up still getting allllll the wrong wires. And then at 9pm I realized I didn't have an SD card.. so I made a trip to my local drug store. After filming this, I drove an hour back to my LA apartment... and then I edited it until 7am and just woke up an hour ago at 1:30pm. hah my life

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Yes, the suite is 420... LMFAO

I made a patreon but I'm not going to advertise it for now!

Thanks so much for watching :D
kimi xoxo

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