ASMR Circle Time 2! 3D Binaural Anticipatory Tingles and Triggers for Relaxation

Heather Feather ASMR
Published 5 years ago

Hello everyone! Please wear headphones for the 3D effect. This ASMR video features: full use of the 3D microphone (I circled you throughout the video, so it will sound like I am moving all around you---even above you), soft speaking, whispering, breathing in your ears, and anticipatory tingles. A long time ago back in 2013, people remarked that they were triggered when I used to "tease" the sounds I was making in sound slices (by pausing for too long, or making you think I was going to speak in one ear, and then switching), and they called it "anticipatory triggers" or "anticipatory tingles." I tried to create those kinds of triggers here, so you'll notice my pacing is different. I was trying to trigger you through anticipating the sound itself, but also through anticipating close up sounds (so you'll hear me go from farther away to right in your ear). I also wanted to showcase the 3D sound, so I was constantly moving all around you (instead of just going from ear to ear in front of you). I chose not to make a video for this. I felt that visuals would impair my efforts because you would know where I was (and also because my camera would have been pointed at either my neck or my head bent over so I could create sound from above you). This is one of my most requested sequels, so I hope I did you proud. Happy Viewing...errrr...Happy Listening!

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